Software Development

Z Star provide tailor made software development solutions for the mining industry.

A key component to managing the mineral resource and reserve successfully is to ensure that appropriate software systems are in place, are efficient and are operational.

These software systems may be related to data storage and management, to mine planning, to mineral resource classification or to resource and reserve reconciliation. Importantly, no two mineral deposits are Identical and unique challenges and opportunities often dictate that deposit specific software may be required to ensure optimal mineral resource management and well-informed decision making.

The significant experience that Z Star has in the mining industry has resulted in client requests for the development of tailor-made software solutions for key parts of their mineral resource and reserve management process. By way of example amongst the software that Z Star has developed are:

  • Mine plan optimisation algorithms created with the use of linear programming and artificial Intelligence;
  • Systems that selectively source information from key databases (e.g. resource, production, finance) and then display them using integrated graphics systems; and
  • Develop semi-quantitative solutions for mineral resource classification with appropriate databases and user interfaces.

Z Star typically develop the required software after thorough discussions with the client and the finalisation of detailed scoping document to ensure that the final deliverable will meet the requirements of the client.

The software development process typically follows the process of visualising a Concept, creating a Design, undertaking the software Development and finally ensuring successful Implementation.

Training the staff that will be using the system is also a key aspect of the service that Z Star provides to ensure a smooth transition to the new system.

Maintenance agreements are also available to ensure that system downtime is minimised.

The development of specialist technical systems to facilitate mineral resource and reserve management.