Z Star will ensure all mineral resource estimates are assigned the correct levels of

confidence in keeping with international guidelines for reporting mineral resource and reserves.

In the current global economic climate stock exchanges worldwide require transparency and increasingly stricter levels of governance and this certainly applies to mineral resource risk.

Estimation can be performed on any regionalised variable and Z Star’s technical expertise can be applied to any mineral commodity. Estimates are commonly performed on volume, density, grade, geological and geo-metallurgical parameters. Z Star principals have extensive technical training, knowledge and experience in the application of linear and non-linear geostatistics and we offer the following services:

Classification of mineral resources

Z Star have extensive experience in the classification of mineral resources according to international reporting codes. The focus of classification must be on the complete mineral resource inclusive of all the variables that combine to provide the mineral resource estimate. The use of geostatisical simulations to delineate the possible variability around a mean estimate is critical in identifying the possible risks associated with a reported mineral resource estimate. This information not only enables the level of confidence to be assigned to the mineral resource but, in addition, provides valuable information related to the sensitivity of the estimate that allows potential risks to be accommodated or mitigated in the mine planning models.

Compliance with international reporting codes

Without exception the current international reporting codes serve as a guide and, as such, remain open to interpretation. This is particularly true of diamond deposits which include revenue as a variable, unlike most other commodities. The Z Star Principal Analysts have a combined experience of 88 years spent estimating and classifying deposits. They have an excellent understanding of the requirements of the international codes and are able to offer advice on all aspects of compliance.

Assurance on classification categories

Z Star has the ability and experience to provide due diligence audits and assurance on mineral resource classifications for both the mining and investment communities.

In recent years exploration and mining companies have increasingly strived to adhere to international reporting codes in an effort to attract and guide the international investment community.