Z Star can provide specialist modelling services to create 3D geology models that

will form the basis for the estimation process.

Z Star firmly believe in forging a close working relationship with the project geologists as the geological model is the foundation of any mineral resource estimate.

Geological modelling

Modelling is the science of creating computerised representations of the mineral deposit using geological information obtained from borehole logging or the results of geophysical surveys. Orebody modelling related to mineral resource estimation aims to utilise geology to domain an ore body according to the mineralisation whilst taking cognisance of process and emplacement. Orebody modelling allows the formulation of a structural framework to facilitate identification of estimation domains and allows visual interpretation of the deposit. Accurate orebody modelling allows good estimates to be made of waste.


 A wireframe represents the shape of a selected portion of a deposit in 3D and is a major interpretive step towards creating a geological model from the raw data. The wireframe is a way of representing solids and, simplistically, the user links strings between points and this is typically undertaken in sections through the deposit.

Z Star analysts are skilled in geological modelling and we offer a range of modelling services using Datamine Studio RM software that will satisfy the clients requirement. Z Star believe that geological modelling must be undertaken by working closely with geologists who understand the deposit.


It is imperative that mineral resources are estimated in homogeneous zones that are typically defined by the geology. However, cognisance must also be given to the correlation between geological zones and the associated variability expected in the grade data. A thorough understanding of this mineralisation model is key to accurate estimation of the mineral resource. Z Star have extensive experience in applying interpolation solutions to refine geological boundaries.

Block models

Z Star’s professional staff create meaningful block models in 2D or 3D for open pit and underground mining to meet the clients needs. It is important to ensure that the size, shape and orientation of blocks is optimised and aligned to mineral resource estimation. Z Star create appropriate block models for all commodities designed specifically to meet your requirement.

Assurance on models

Z Star provide assurance on all types of modelling and will undertake independent 3rd party audits on models and associated wireframing and block models.

Geology models are typically created by project geologists and Z Star provide peer reviews to ensure these are appropriate for mineral resource estimation. Z Star use Datamine to create wireframes with specific focus on ensuring correct domaining.